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Race Helmet Painting  was born out of my passion for working closely with clients designing, paint race helmets. All my race helmets designs are original taking into account what the client wants his race helmet design to showcase. With some it’s certain colors, family members, business interest, sponsors it varies with each client.

My son who now works for Hendericks Motorsports as a fabricator in the chassis shop started race karts a nine and we moved up thru legend cars, modified mini’s, sportmans and finally open wheel modified. Thats where my passion for racing and creating race helmet designs really started, with his race helmets.

I started out custom painting  over thirty years ago airbrushing t-shirts than Harelys, cars but found my real passion was custom painting race helmets. And so I found my niche in designing, painting race helmets and have been following that  for about 20 years now.

For years I promoted my race helmet design and painting via my other web site airbrush gallery.com which showcased all my art work. My son has been after me to create a business separate from that to promote just my race helmet design and painting service and so here we have Race Helmet Painting. Designing and painting race helmets is a fully time career for me it’s not something I do part time or out of my garage.

My goal is turn out the best quality original race helmets possible. If that means painting only 5 a month that’s fine as I want to give each my full attention. I practice what I call organic race helmet design’s, the design has to flow with the helmet contours and make best use of the molding of the helmet. As weird as it may sound each helmet has a design flow that speaks to me, that’s why I have named it organic race helmet designing.

I would be happy to work with you on your race helmet design please feel free to text or phone me any time 1-352-361-3403.

Thanks Don Johnson/Race Helmet Painting