My son Cody Johnson started racing karts at an early age moving from karts to Legend cars, modified mimi stock, sportsman and finally open wheel modified. No matter what the out come of any race I was and I’m very proud of him, he always gave it his best. I grew up racing motorcross but his calling was to race karts, cars on the local asphalt tracks here in central Florida.

In karts he is a Florida state WKA champion, won the Inverness gran prix two years in a row (street race thru the city of Inverness, Fl.) in the open class – rotax senior motor, competed in Star of Karting in the JICA class, three Florida winter tour campaigns in Rotax Jr, was pretty much unbeatable at his home track OGP. His passion has always been racing 24/7 thats what he thinks about.

Three years ago he left his job as a turner for OGP and moved to North Caroline to go to school for building race cars. He completed the school and was recruited to work for Hendericks Motorsports in the chassis shop as a fabricator. He is the youngest employee in the Hendricks chassis shop and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He left all the security of his job and family here moved to North Caroline to chase his dream and all his hard work has paid off.  I couldn’t be prouder as a father he is my hero without question.


hendricks motorsports pic

hendricks mototsports


Above on the left is Cody along with Jimmy Johnson, Mr Hendricks and Chad the year Jimmy got his 7th champioship, Cody got his championship ring that day. All the full time employee’s at Hendricks Motorsports received championship rings.


Below Cody winning Streets of Inverness race the first year.

Cody Johnson racing

Cody Johnson racing