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Stilo race helmet design 818 by Don Johnson is a three color design with some carbon fiber left showing which really makes the directional stripes pop. The stripes are verus widths and colors to make each one just a bit different. Three coats of Tamco high impact clear coat was applied to protect the artwork and provide a long lasting shine. Contact me today to get started on your race helmet.


Stilo helmet design 518 is a simple design I did for Eric. It was actually the design of his old helmet he wanted to improve on. Eric races a Porsche and so I added the Porsche badge to the back of the helmet. I also added more pinstriping and some fades in the red, white, red on the sides. We searched to find the perfect font to do his name in and believe we nailed it with the font chosen. Three coats of Tamco High Impact clear coat to give the helmet a nice shine and help protect the artwork was applied.  Contact Me today to get started on your race helmet.

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