Bell Race Helmet Gold Leaf Design

I designed, painted this Bell race helmet using real gold leaf to do the pin stripes in the design. House of Kolor pearl white, Cobalt blue candy. Using the gold leaf really made this helmet pop. The use of gold leaf in race helmet designs you don’t see very often but is just one of the techniques In like to use to set my helmets apart from everyone else’s.


I was commissioned by Mitch Marvosh tv producer Dick Wolf brother in law to design a race helmet for Mr Wolf and this is that Bell race helmet.  This was a fun design to come up with I had basic info to include in the helmet design and I came up with the film strip that ties into this person business. I was told to keep it sort of old school and the three strips being the same width accomplished that I believe. Custom painting helmet designs like this where you can wow the client with the end result is always the goal.


G Force Race Helmet Custom Painted

I designed and painted this G Force race helmet for Christian Rutty who loves racing karts. This is his first custom painted helmet and I happy his parent selected me to design and paint it for him. Working closely with his father on the design and colors, adding his web site information, logo to the back the helmet came out great.

Christian Rutty racing his Kart

Christian Rutty racing his Kart

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