Simpson Race helmet design 2 is a simple clean design highlighting the company logo  and was to be given as a retirement gift to one of the doctors. It’s  carbon fiber Simpson helmet and we wanted to leave some of the carbon fiber showing. There was a short turnaround time on this helmet and I completed it two days ahead of the deadline. Contact me today to get started on your race helmet. .  


Bell race helmet I designed and painted. This helmet design theme was inspired by one of the BMW art cars for Andrew with my own twist added. Custom blue rubber trim replaced stock black rubber trim on the helmet and really helps set off the entire design. Think outside the box don’t settle for just a helmet paint job, let me work with you to turn your helmet into a work of art. Here is what Andrew said about his helmet after receiving it:

“Hi Don, Wanted you to know that your helmet is a big hit. I’m spending the week at a single seat racing school and at least five people have asked me who did my helmet. I gave out your name of course. Great admiration all around. Take care, Andrew”



I designed and painted this G-Force race helmet for Cody who race’s a modified. The black sections of the helmet is flat finish, the blue sections are gloss finish and the white designs are blue glow in the dark paint. As with all my helmets the surface of the helmet is smooth you can not feel the graphics. White trim replaced the stock black rubber trim to really set the helmet off.


I designed and custom paint this Bell helmet for Don Goree who races cars,  a Cadillac actually. Mr Goree saw some of my other race helmet designs I designed and painted and pretty gave me a free hand on this helmet. I came up with this style of helmet design years ago and it’s sort of inspired by the art work of Giger. This is one of a kind race helmet with a great deal of detail. The kind of helmet design that attracts a lot of attention and has people examining all the fine detail on this helmet.


Race helmet puzzle design…designed painted by Don Johnson…purple base, shades purple, green, yellow and blue puzzle pieces. This is the third helmet I have designed and painted for Doc Possien and his wife. I think the design came out killer and look forward to designing and painting more helps for Doc. Call or text me today to get started on your race helmet  352-361-3403


I work with Bob Ondrovic on his helmet design and it came together just as he wanted it to. Bob races an Acura and is also great photographer. You can read what Bob had to say about his helmet and working with me on the Testimonial page. Helmet design of this type $550 to $800 depending on the helmet you have, amount of detail  in the final design. Use the Contact Me page to get in touch with me now to get started.

Bob's Race Car

Bob’s Race Car

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