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Bell RS7 race helmet I custom painted for Diego Ferrari who race’s McLaren for McLaren of Philly. This was a very interesting fun project that had to be completed in a very short time frame. The design was fairly complex, with the short time frame I had to get it completed it was a real challenge. Diego came up with the design I just had to adopt it to his new Bell RS7 carbon helmet. CONTACT ME today to get started on your helmet.


Bell GP2 youth helmet I custom painted for Vince Roy for his young son who is racing kid karts. This was to be a Christmas present for his son, he is one lucky little boy that is for sure. The design is sort of a take-off on his favorite driver’s helmets, Tony Stewart. I worked closely with Vince to make this just as he wanted. The orange trim around the bottom of the helmet really set’s the design off nicely. He will be the only kid with custom trim like this on the grid I would bet. Custom trim like that is available in about 12 different colors I would be happy to use any of those colors on your helmet when I design and paint it. Contact me today to get started on your helmet. 1-352-361-3403 call or text or e-mail helmetpaint@gmail.com to get started on your race helmet.


Gabriel Glusman was one of three people to win a chance to race in the Indy Car Race of Champions 2017 and I was honored to work with him on a his helmet.Time frame on this helmet design, painting was very short but we got it done in time for the race. The Bell race helmet he sent me I came up with a design Gabriel really liked and was pretty sharp. Blue, yellow, black and white are the main colors with some honey comb effects thrown it to jazz the design up.



Bell race helmet for Chris I designed and custom painted is a candy apple red base color with graphics over that. Stars and stripes are the main graphics of the helmet design. Contact me today to get started on your helmet!! You deserve to own the helmet you envision, an original design that you can call your own. Every helmet I design and paint is a one-off there will never be another one!!


I designed and painted this Bell Race Helmet for Alan Tseng out in California. The design flows very nicely on his helmet. Together Alan and I worked to come up with this design, colors. Call or text 1-352-361-3403 to get started on your helmet today!!
“Hey Don,
Just received the helmet today. It is TRULY AMAZING! Thanks for everything. I will have you paint all my racing helmets in the future, and I will spread the word around in my racing community. Thanks Alan”
Best Regards, Alan



Stilo race helmet design 818 by Don Johnson is a three color design with some carbon fiber left showing which really makes the directional stripes pop. The stripes are verus widths and colors to make each one just a bit different. Three coats of Tamco high impact clear coat was applied to protect the artwork and provide a long lasting shine. Contact me today to get started on your race helmet.


Stilo helmet design 518 is a simple design I did for Eric. It was actually the design of his old helmet he wanted to improve on. Eric races a Porsche and so I added the Porsche badge to the back of the helmet. I also added more pinstriping and some fades in the red, white, red on the sides. We searched to find the perfect font to do his name in and believe we nailed it with the font chosen. Three coats of Tamco High Impact clear coat to give the helmet a nice shine and help protect the artwork was applied.  Contact Me today to get started on your race helmet.


Bell race helmet design 718 a four color design yellow, green, dark blue, light blue with F1 pole girl featured on the back of the helmet. All colors where over sprayed with House of Kolor FX to add some pop to the helmet. Three coats of Tamco High Impact clear coat to protect the artwork and provide for a long lasting shine. Contact me today to get started on your race helmet.

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