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Gabriel Glusman was one of three people to win a chance to race in the Indy Car Race of Champions 2017 and I was honored to work with him on a his helmet.Time frame on this helmet design, painting was very short but we got it done in time for the race. The Bell race helmet he sent me I came up with a design Gabriel really liked and was pretty sharp. Blue, yellow, black and white are the main colors with some honey comb effects thrown it to jazz the design up.



Bell race helmet I designed and painted for a long time client “Doc”. ┬áThe last two rows of the checker flag the black checkers I replaced with the flags used in racing (caution, red flag, etc.) Over all I’m happy with the design and Doc really loved it. This is the second race helmet I’ve done for Doc in the last couple years. To get started on having your helmet custom designed, painted contact me to get start.

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