Helmet I painted featured on cover of NSX Magazine

Helmet I custom painted for Bob made the cover of NSX Driver magazine.

“Don Johnson is an incredible artist! Great client contact and working relationship taking your ideas and then coming up with an amazing design based upon the client’s thoughts and concepts. But it doesn’t end there – – – he takes the design and then creates a helmet that captures the attention of all those viewing it both in style/artistic talents as well as in the ultra-high quality of the end product in paint application and finishing. He has done two helmets for me now, a skull design for a karting 15 year old girl (yes, a girl wanted skulls!) and an American flag design for me to use when I race my Acura NSX. My helmet caused such stir when it was seen at the track that NSX Driver Magazine made it the cover photo of a recent issue. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and the artist himself and unqualifiedly recommend Don to anyone looking to create a helmet that “is you” and not just another knock off of someone else’s design. THANK YOU Don for allowing me to wear your art! Bob Ondrovic”


Bob's Race Car

Bob’s Race Car


Magazine cover featuring one of my helmets

Magazine cover featuring one of my helmets