A great deal of time is spent on the coming up with the perfect helmet design that flows with the contours of the helmet for customers. I call this organic helmet design as it takes advantage of the way the helmet was manufactured, the contours of the helmet. 

After receiving your requirements for what you want in your helmet design…colors, logo ’s, etc. I like to put together a pencil concept sketch of a design for you. We discuss the design making any changes you feel are needed and send you the revised pencil concept sketch.

After your approval of the pencil concept sketch, the next step is a temporary design layout on your helmet and send you pictures for your approval.

The time required to put together an original killer helmet design is different for every project. My goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with the design and end results for years to come. 

A helmet work order will be sent to you with exactly what is to be done and the completion date for your records.

If you have any questions regarding the helmet design process please feel free to contact me 1-352-361-3403 or use the form below.

Use the form below to send me your helmet design idea’s, brand, model, the color of your helmet.

If you haven’t purchased a helmet yet I’m an authorized Bell Race Helmet retailer and would be happy to help you get a new Bell helmet.

Below if you just want me to create a helmet design for you.

Computer rendering of a design – $250.00 paid in full before I start. This will be rolled into the total price of painting your helmet if I paint your helmet. Only done upon request.

Pencil sketch – $120.00 paid in full before I start. This will be rolled into the total price of painting your helmet if I paint your helmet.

Below an example picture of a design pencil sketch, I send clients to start. We discuss the design making any changes the client wants. Following two pictures temp design layout pictures I send clients for their approval before I start the painting process.

Computer rendering helmet design contact me today to get started on yours.

helmet design computer version

helmet design rendering


Once I have an approved design the painting process starts. I use only the very best custom paint (PPG Vibrance and House of Kolor) and Tamco High Impact clear coat is used to help protect your helmet.

Every square inch of the helmet graphics will be as perfect as possible. I’m a detail freak as you can see in many of my most complicated helmet designs, no detail is too small. I treat each helmet as if it’s the most important helmet design there is or ever was. Typically I spend 40 to 80 hours on a helmet start to finish, I’m not out to paint X number of helmets per week or month. My goal is always to produce the highest quality finished product as possible one helmet at a time. Your helmet will always be the most important helmet I’m working on!