Custom Painting Race Helmets

Your here because you are looking to have a race helmet custom painted. It’s great to really like another racer’s helmet design but it’s even better to have a one off design you can call your own. Inspiration for custom race helmet designs can be found every where not just by looking at what has been done on race helmets in the past, traditional race helmet graphic’s.

Your helmet design can reflect many things from important people in your life (family) to your business, parts from your car, big bold colors, chrome and metal effect paints, candies, your sponsor’s. The only limit there really is; your imagination.

Over the years I have painted custom race helmet designs that picture a clients business, gears from their car, old airplane nose art, their car number and more. Provide me with your design ideas and let me refine it to fit your race helmet. Working as a team I know we can come up with a design you’ll be proud to call your own for years to come.

There are times when sponsor’s require certain elements be included in the design and I would be happy to work with them or you to incorporate them into your design.

The design process always takes the most time in the custom helmet painting process but it’s always time well spent. Working together once the helmet design is refined and you are happy with it the painting process begins. I could spend hours working on the design in photoshop, illustrator and provide you with a design on paper. I don’t believe it’s the best way to go about it I much prefer you see the design temp laid out on your helmet. You’ll get a true feel for what your helmet will look like when it finished going this route. Weird as it may sound but every helmet has a design that compliments the flow of the helmet. I do my best work designing helmets in this fashion and as you can see from my gallery it works out very well for my clients. Check this post out KEEPING MY CLIENTS UPDATED